this is Dee… see Dee blog.

This is Dee.

See Dee write. See Dee code. See Dee ponder and get a major case of ultra excite at the idea of

  • writing
  • reading
  • coding
  • learning

and, always, always

  • searching.

This week, I am building a horse shelter, writing some card game programs in JavaScript, applying at Hocking College for the baking program, reading Energy Psychology by Michael Mayer, PhD, and answering a prompt a day from Pocket Muse. This is the stuff of dreams, baby. Essentially, I’m interested in everything and can’t fathom a blog where I only get to write about this or that, just like I can’t fathom a life where I only get to focus on one thing or another.

Today, I’m writing about code.

I recently created an account at Code Academy, where kindly programmers post lessons/tutorials in JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS for beginners. After a couple of false starts attempting to learn how to program (starting as far back as seven, eight years ago), I’ve finally decided to get my butt into gear and sit my ass in a chair. What I knew about software and web development before attempting the tutorials on this site would have fit on the head of a pin (excuse the expression), but now, thanks to the wonderful Q&A forums, the handy-dandy scratch pad for experimenting and goofing around with variables and functions and what-have-you, my knowledge might feel more comfortable perched on the head of a ball-point pen.

It’s a huge leap for me. As I scramble my way through the code language, attempting to piece together a program that resembles the card game of ‘War’, what I’m finding most mind-boggling is the mindset of the whole thing. Logic. It is absolutely beautiful and, at times, absolutely frustrating, for this reason: the computer does absolutely nothing more, and absolutely nothing less, than what I tell it to do.

If God is a programmer, I’m impressed.

So, as I venture through the next month writing and editing and deleting lines and lines of code, not to mention lines and lines of prose attempting to translate the lines of code in order to get a better grasp, what I’m looking for are more websites for beginning programmers, challenges, examples of well-written code (and some answers to the question, what makes good code ‘good’?), and, perhaps most of all, some broad idea of what practical uses a skill like this has for a lady with minimal education and job experience.

Not interested in code? Tune in tomorrow for something different!

Oh, and one more thing – I feel like I should describe the title I’ve chosen for this blog. You see, I’m interested in quite a few things, and I’m a creature of perpetual identity-crisis. I don’t always see connections between the things I’m interested in, but when I do I feel a warm, sparkly glow all the way through, like something magnificent is trying to reveal itself. Concepts from one trade or branch of knowledge, applied to another trade or branch of knowledge, can do some pretty amazing things. I learned the word ‘gestalt’ in a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, an amazing book that actually taught me how to draw. The word means a composite whole, a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. I am so in love with this idea, I’ve created a whole blog around my attempts to find examples of it everywhere.


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