When we’re rich!

These days, my boyfriend, our dog and I eat a lot of ramen noodles.

Don’t worry. Our top priority is dog food. She usually only goes about a day between bags while we scrounge the couches and the streets for change to buy the next one. We have back-up plans for finding money in our asses should she need to go to the vet. In three months we’ve probably found about 150 hours of work. We’ve paid all of our rent, sold more DVDs and games and books than I can count, and spent more hours than I’d like to share filling out job applications, hunting down people who may need services rendered (house-sitting, clothes sewn, that kind of thing), and just generally eeking out just enough money to get by.

Kind of. Like I said, these days my boyfriend, our dog and I eat a lot of ramen noodles. Sometimes we mix it up with a cup of rice boiled with a tablespoon or two of chicken bouillon. Yesterday, our housemate brought home bagels, turkey, cream cheese, and a cucumber. It was amazing. I don’t know how I’d survive without him bringing back things like peppers and mushrooms, milk and coffee, butter, or tortilla shells and cheese about once a week. Sanity rescued.

We’ve got another month of living like this before my boyfriend receives his overage check. We’ve got until this weekend (when we’re moving) before I can restart the job hunt. However, we’re close enough to breaking out of this period of starvation (it would be nice to break out of financial worries at all, really, but breaking out of starvation is a lovely first step) that I’m starting to get excited.

As in, really excited. As in, so excited that I’m rereading all of those recipes that I’ve saved in my bookmarks over the past few months. When we actually have a weekly budget for food, I’m going to start buying in bulk, thanks to advice given by the fiance of a friend of a friend, here. With this plan, I should (hopefully) be able to start baking in my own home again.

I’ll bake these soul-crushingly delicious-looking cookies first. I’ll have flour and sugar and chocolate in my own house at all times; I’ll collect baking powder and vanilla and yeast. I’ll bake bread and cake and dessert breads. I’ll finally figure out if my idea of a chocolate zucchini cake with almond-flavored frosting or glaze would be as fantasmically amazing as I imagine.

We’ll buy frozen vegetables and canned fruit. I’ll grow tomatoes and zucchini and spices. It won’t be a world where I can go to a health food store and pick up all organic ingredients, no, that’s as far beyond my league right now as impulsively driving my boyfriend and I to Pogo de Chao just because I’m feeling a bit peckish (a goal of mine, make no mistake). But, at the same time, a freezer full of veggies, a cabinet full of canned fruit, a fridge that supplies me the basics (cheese, milk, eggs, butter) on a regular basis, would be like a dream come true.

And should even half the things we have planned come to fruition by late September, this lifestyle is within my reach.







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