Jeebus. It’s been a minute.

My last post was at the end of August. Just in case you weren’t aware (I’d like to hide under a rock too, it’s so freaking cold), it is now nearly November. Which means NaNoWriMo.

I have access to the internet for a minute. By way of explanation (to myself, as I feel I’ve probably lost whatever stragglers were reading my blog, way back when), I’ve been Most Decidedly Not Blogging because of moving, and starting school, and being broke, and moving some more, and keeping up with school, and still being broke, and dealing with midterms, and moving again (it’s been rough), and being a little bit less broke (YAY!).

Anyway, as I mentioned before, NaNo is pretty much upon us, and, as I have every year since 2006, I fully intend to write a 50,000 word novel by November 30th. Since I’ve already posted ad¬†nausea¬†about trying and failing and trying and failing and trying again (ever hopeful!), I don’t feel like waxing poetical about the things NaNo makes me feel. xD Suffice it to say I am going to win this year, damn it, and wrap up a cohesive plot to boot.

Here is my Brief, Kind of Inaccurate (But It Works Hey What The Hell) synopsis:

Cory Smart is on a witch hunt. Two years ago, he dropped everything – job, school, even his family and friends – to search for a witch he just knows is hanging out somewhere in the midwest. She’ll be young, and smart, and beautiful. Nobody will know where she came from and no one will question her presence. When he finds her, he’ll know.

And find her he has, or so he thinks, in a quaint little Minnesota town just south of nowhere. But convincing her that she’s the witch he’s looking for is going to take more effort than he thought.

Also, for some reason, I’m calling it South of Nowhere.

It may be yet another minute before I’m blogging actual topics and whatnot. But soon, my pretties, I will track down Time Warner and I will have All The Interwebz.

Until then,