complain-y post is complain-y

Note to self: If you just want one cocktail and you don’t want to go to a bar, don’t, under any circumstances, buy one of those little ‘single-shot’ plastic bottles that gas stations provide at the counter and pour it in some Coke. Especially, especially remember that those stupid little one-shots have about half the alcohol content they should, and your whiskey’s just gonna taste like caramel soda. And when you add it to Coke, your cocktail’s just gonna taste like caramel soda with a shot of caramel soda.

In short, get the cheap-ass wine next time. Or, better, wait until you have the kind of spending money that’s required to purchase real alcohol before you get the urge to kick back for the evening with a drink and a cigarette.

The type of alcohol my lifestyle affords me screams RAGING ALCOHOLIC or, I don’t know, dumb ass college kid. The type of alcohol I want says, I am in tune with the finer things in life, or, as Jon would say, I AM A PRETENTIOUS HIPSTER.

Speaking of which, I tried a smoked porter the other day. It was wonderful.

Useless post for the win, I guess.



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