see Dee ‘xplain herself.

Name’s Dee. I’m a baking major, a lady who likes to get up before everyone else in the morning, a lady who isn’t very lady-like, and a lady with a weird fascination with sentimentality. I like stories, and thinking about why people tell stories, and stories about stories, and stories about people who think too much about why people tell stories. I’ll post whatever comes to my head and have only recently developed the habit of editing my own words. It is, however, a habit I plan to fully develop and turn into a real, honest-to-god skill. … Maybe.

I’m funny, except when my humor falls flat. Which is a lot of the time. Anyway, you should follow me because I’m smart and I write about a lot of things, some of which you might be interested in. You should also follow me because I am in the process of developing mad writing skills. I may have a long way to go, but isn’t it cool to watch people get better at what they do? Also, you should follow me because you probably have a really cool blog that I will definitely look at and more-than-likely follow in return, and if you don’t follow me or at least like a post, I might never find your blog! Oh no!

As for the name of this blog… it made sense to me when I made it up. It still kind of does, in the sense that… I like finding ways to incorporate everything I am interested in into my life, which is a lot easier when I can find the links between them and understand the big picture. Yeah. Totally makes sense.


2 comments on “see Dee ‘xplain herself.

  1. grumpytyke says:

    Hey Dee. Though I’m not quite sure some of the time what you’re talking about, it’s clear I’ve got a soul mate … “Essentially, I’m interested in everything and can’t fathom a blog where I only get to write about this or that, just like I can’t fathom a life where I only get to focus on one thing or another”. Now what’s evident to me after getting into this blogging lark for a few weeks is that it’s the blogs that concentrate on one thing that get thousands of followers and ‘likes’, so thanks for following me. And Bob Dylan is absolutely, definitely and without doubt better than Freddy Mercury!

    • deesearching says:

      Haha, word. : ) Indeed, I’ve noticed that the big blogs tend to have more focus, but the little, less-focused blogs can still be just as much fun to read. What caught my attention about your blog was the haiku with the picture of the flip-flops you found, along with the story of how you found them like that. It struck a chord, and thus you needed to be followed. Thanks for the comment!

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